Study Skills Development through a Strengths-Based Lens

Development of self-awareness and self-management skills are central to every student's MindPrint experience and their lifelong success. MindPrint is the only solution to use objective data so students develop self-awareness, self-efficacy, and growth mindset, the essential competencies they need to grow and thrive.
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Students develop self-awareness and learn to self-advocate with the student learner profile

Prioritization by learning strengths enables students to understand why learning is a challenge and learn how to course correct with strategies individualized to their personal strengths.
Student Learner Profile
Complex Reasoning
Executive Functions

The BOOST Yourself assessment tracks individual growth in self-awareness, self-management, and engagement

Students can't develop self-management without self-awareness. The SEL assessment identifies any mismatch between student self-perception and objective MindPrint measures of cognitive skills so teachers can meet each student where they are and guide them to where they need to be.
BOOST Yourself Assessment
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Students develop CASEL™ competencies through the BOOST Yourself course

Teachers bring empathy and MindPrint supplies the rest. Through authentic learning experiences and discussions, our course covers a wide range of topics including homework organization, pacing, strategies for paying attention in class, and so much more.
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The MindPrint strategies really worked for me when I tried them out, and they've since really helped me a lot for studying.
11th Grade Student
Rocky Hill Day School

Measurable improvement in student growth mindset and self-efficacy in just 8 weeks!

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