Simple differentiation so every student excels

Having the time and resources to differentiate instruction is arguably teachers' greatest classroom challenge. But it doesn't need to be. MindPrint's academic reports group students based on how they learn best and connects teachers to the most effective instructional strategies for each student grouping.
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School leaders meet their most important strategic objectives for Tier 1 instruction

MindPrint understands that every school has a unique community, culture and needs. Integrated reporting of academic, cognitive, and SEL data ensures your MTSS solution meets the needs of every student. Data-informed recommendations enable school leaders to address challenges and accelerate student growth across grades and subject area.
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Efficiently navigate learner variability with the academic profile

MindPrint data explain the reasons for student inconsistencies so teachers know how to efficiently address learning gaps. Our strengths-based approach goes beyond content to guiding students how to learn for lifelong success.
Academic Profile
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All teachers meet students where they are with our BOOST instructional strategies

MindPrint Learning Strategies and Interactive Checklists simplify the implementation of evidence-based practices in classrooms around the world. Strategies are prioritized for teachers by subject and student, empowering teachers to focus on the art of teaching while MindPrint takes care of the science for them. LIFT strategies offer teacher best practices and accompanying BOOST versions foster student independence.

Science of Learning teacher coaching during PLCs supports adoption of LIFT strategies

MindPrint's optional monthly professional learning helps teachers to comfortably and consistently integrate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) best practices. Teachers bring problems of practice to these sessions and MindPrint coaches help them find data-driven solutions to their challenges.
Imagine that you could peek inside your students' brains like a crystal ball and understand them as learners. And then imagine if you could get a blueprint that helps you make sense of those beautiful brains--their strengths, why they struggle in a subject, and how best to deliver instruction. That's MindPrint!
Dr. Katie Novak
Consultant and Author of UDL Now!

Through our NWEA partnership receive integrated reporting with MAP Growth™ scores in one simple report

"One-click" integrated reports are available for NWEA MAP Growth clients. MindPrint identifies which cognitive skills are contributing to student underperformance by learning strand and provides the instructional, evidence-based interventions that will be most effective. Not an NWEA client? No problem! MindPrint provides customized integrated reporting with all normed achievement tests.
MAP Growth + MindPrint
Students will be returning to school ​​with unprecedented learning gaps, particularly our most vulnerable students. MindPrint's game-changing cognitive assessment, in combination with NWEA's industry-leading achievement assessment, offers a new way to efficiently pinpoint and address learning gaps for students of all backgrounds.
Erin Antonius White
NWEA Director of Strategic Partnerships

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