What in-school achievement tests won't tell you

Parents are their child's most important advocates. MindPrint provides the objective data you need to advocate for your child at every phase of development.
I'm a mother of 4, a teacher, and I gave this assessment to all my kids at home. They are so different, and even as the one who knows them best, I learned so much. I also took it to to my son's school for him and it made such a difference. I love MindPrint!
Christine Wickemeier
Cincinnati, OH

Why parents need MindPrint

Every parent wants to do what's best for their child. With MindPrint insight, you will.

MindPrint provides your family with the tools they need to be successful in and out of school.

Clear Insight

Objective insights into core capacities, free from bias


Clear pathways to support homework and study skills


Opportunities to nurture strengths, build self-confidence and develop independence

What is MindPrint?

MindPrint provides parents with objective data to understand where they can anticipate their child is most likely to excel and where and why they might need additional support. Every child has a unique combination of strengths and needs. You'll be amazed at how much easier parenting can be when you have clear insight into the most likely reasons for their behaviors and in-school performance.
  • If you find your child's grades perplexing
  • if you wonder if they are living up to potential
  • if you think they might have a learning difference
  • if you just want to know everything you can to help your child succeed
MindPrint is the right choice for your family.

Who should see my child's MindPrint?

Share MindPrint with the adults who can have the greatest impact on your child's success.

Your child's age and needs will determine who at your child's school can best help you use your MindPrint results. If you prefer, a private practioner also can guide you.

Classroom Teachers

Share the MindPrint Profile so teachers understand their needs and can more easily help your child succeed

Gifted Coordinator

Include the results in your child's application to demonstrate their full capabilities

Learning Specialist/Student Support

Meet and discuss the MindPrint Profile to see if your child might benefit from accommodations

School Counselor

Inform discussions about your child's natural strength and best potential college and career fit

How it works!

Step 1: Quiet Space

Prepare an optimal testing environment with a clean, well-lit desk and fully charged computer.

Step 2: One Hour

Choose a 1 hour time slot where your child is well-rested and won't have any external distractions.

Step 3: Review Results

Review your child's MindPrint Profile. Take a few days to process and reflect on the results. Consider sharing the Student Profile with your child.

Step 4: Take Action

Decide how best to use the recommendations based on your family's goals and needs.

Parents pay only $199 for a lifetime of insight.*

MindPrint is a fraction of the time and cost of a psycho-educational evaluation—something that takes months to schedule, requires hours of consultation, and costs thousands of dollars to complete. Discover your child's greatest strengths and core needs in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home.

* Schools and tutors please contact us for customized solutions to fit within your organizational needs

Honestly, every parent should do this. Who wouldn't want to give their kid the best chance at success? And it's as simple as they make it out to be.
Matthew Webster
Hopewell, NJ

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