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MindPrint Learning is an online solution that enables educators and parents to embed science of learning best practices in everything they do. The MindPrint cognitive assessment was developed by neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania and made available to students ages 8+ through the efforts of a dedicated team of parents, scientists, educators and technologists who work to put every student on the optimal learning path.
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Our mission is to ensure every child’s strengths are accurately understood so every child can reach their full potential

Meet our team of dedicated educators, tutors, and parents

Mary-Vicki Algeri
Director of Learning & Customer Success
Susan Beshel
Learning Specialist
Bradford Hosack
Chief Technology Officer
Luke Lecheler
VP Product Engineering
Stacy Shans
Client Support Specialist
Neill Seltzer
Tutor in Chief
Kate Walton
Director of Research
Nancy Weinstein
CEO & Co-Founder
Sharmila Damarapati
Fractional CFO

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Mindprint has been recognized in scientific journals and the national press.

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