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Differentiate your practice using cutting edge science. Ensure all of your tutors provide the best one-to-one instruction and personalized care for every student.
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Academic tutoring is no longer a guessing game. Your tutors always understand why a student is struggling and which instructional strategies to use.

With just one hour, MindPrint guarantees that tutors know exactly how to address a student's specific needs. MindPrint ensures you always exceed a family's expectations, solidifying your position as the pre-eminent tutoring center.
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Nurture Strengths
It is such a relief to know what each kid needs with 100% confidence. The plan still comes from me, but MindPrint confirms my hunches and allows me to move forward with complete conviction that my tutors are meeting the needs of every student.
Maureen McGovern
Academic Journeys, Short Hills, NJ

Even the smartest kids often need executive function coaching to live up to their full potential.

MindPrint identifies if a student's primary challenge is focus and organization, not a difficulty with understanding, and provides your tutors with a clear plan to support students' executive functions needs.
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Complex Reasoning
Executive Functions

Differentiate your practice with the only neuroscience-backed solution to SAT/ACT test prep

Including MindPrint in your client onboarding process not only helps you effectively manage parent expectations for outcomes, but also improves lead gen, coversion, and retention. MindPrint supports tutors to stand-out from the competition and improve their reputation and profitability.
SAT/ACT Report


Quantification of which test is better and by how much based on MindPrint comparisons of the student's natural test-taking capabilities and the nuanced differences between the two tests.

Score Range

Precise composite and sub-score projections based on proprietary statistical models developed by MindPrint's in-house data science expert and former ACT Inc. Principal Research Scientist


Reports identifing the sub-tests where a student has the most opportunity for growth so tutors spend time most effectively

Curated Strategies

Recommendations for the highest impact strategies based on the students' cognitive strengths and needs

The MindPrint assessment is part of every intake. It allows us to have a deeper understanding of a student beyond just numbers. It’s information that allows us to hit the ground running.
Manjri Gupta
Axios Tutoring, Pittsburgh, PA

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